No Win No Fee Pension Claims

4 Common Reasons Most Mis-Sold Pension Claims Fail

Mis-sold pensions are products of a financial adviser’s consistent misinformation. Aiming to have higher work volumes, unscrupulous professionals will advise disgruntled employees about high self-invested personal pensions returns. On the contrary, they will receive little to no return on their investments. In fact, the FCA does not regulated all fund activity. If you weren’t aware


Mis-Sold Pensions: Three Compelling Reasons Occupational Pensions Are Better

Financial advisers and scammers had mis-sold pensions to tens of thousands of UK employees. If you moved into a new self-invested personal pension (SIPP) upon a Financial Adviser’s recommendation, then they may have mis-sold pension on you. SIPPs are effective pensions. However, this is only if its benefits, contributions, and investment mechanisms are clear. Most