No Win No Fee Pension Claims

Mis-Sold Pensions: Weighing the Benefits of SIPPs and Employer Pensions

If you confirm you were mis-sold pensions, do not blame yourself. Financial advisers like to try and take advantage of your knowledge vulnerability to egg you into personal pensions. True enough, your sentiments against employers’ pensions are understandable. With many companies unable to provide their defined benefits, you definitely will think the alternative of self-invested


4 Hidden Warning Signs You’re About to Get Mis-Sold Pensions

The Financial Ombudsman Service reports a massive spike on pension mis-selling claims. The overall negative perspective on employer’s schemes has disillusioned many employees. Unfortunately, this led to quick enticement towards self-invested personal pensions (SIPPs). While helpful, SIPPs only work if they’re Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)-regulated. In addition, its investment vehicles must have low risks. If


3 Signs Your Financial Adviser Mis-Sold Pensions on You

In the last few years, self-invested personal pensions (SIPP) received a total of 2,051 complaints in the Financial Ombudsman Service. From 2017-2018, the complaints have increased by 1,493 from the previous year. Financial advisers are in the middle of the entire SIPP fiasco. With employee pensions disillusionment gripping the population, financial advisers and scammers have