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Claim your mis-sold pension redress of up to £150,000

Mis sold pension redress

Millions of people who invested in a pension in the last 30 years are being urged to make a complaint to see if they are owed up to £150,000. This isn’t us urging you (although we do recommend you look into it) it’s the government body the Financial Conduct Authority. They want as many people as possible who invested in a Self Invested Pension Plan, or SIPP, to seek pension redress and get their money back.

What happens when I speak to a expert about my claim?

You can speak to one of our pension redress specialists for free, they’ll establish if you were mis sold and tell you more about the claiming process. They’ll ask you the following questions:

 When did you invest in the SIPP?

 Which Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) did you use?

 How much did you invest?

 Were you advised on the investments they’d make on your behalf?

 Did you know where your money was going?

 What fees did they charge?

 Do you have your pension plan number?

 Do you have any pension documents?

What is pension redress?

This simply means compensation or a type of refund of the money you lost through a pension investment that was mis sold to you. There’s an estimated £120m in pension money to be refunded to those who were mis sold and to get your share you need to make a claim for pension redress. You can do start the process today through our quick form, then we’ll ask one of our trusted no win-no fee legal partners to get in touch for a free chat about your pension situation.

Will I get my retirement money back?

If you were a victim of pension mis-selling, then yes you will get money back. The government are fully aware of the problem and are partly responsible as they introduced SIPPs in the late 1980’s. As a result they’ve set-aside a fund to compensate victims with up to £50,000 in cash (or more, read on), all you have to do is start your claim.

The total amount of pension redress likely to be issued is to run into the billions according to some experts, with many victims still unaware they were mis-sold a retirement fund.

£120 million set aside for pension claims

The government as already ring-fenced £120m to refund anyone who’s pension was mis sold. This is actual cash sitting in a government account waiting for you to claim your share. At the moment, you can get a maximum of £50,000 from the FCA fund, but from April 2019 that rises to £85,000 to meet the bigger pension pot refunds that are needed.

However, if you’ve lost even more through a mis sold SIPP, the Financial Ombudsman can award you up to £150,000. To get your pension money back, you simply need to make a claim – start yours today no win-no fee – not many victims are claiming yet so you could receive your payout quickly.


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