No Win No Fee Pension Claims

Mis-sold pensions are products of a financial adviser’s consistent misinformation. Aiming to have higher work volumes, unscrupulous professionals will advise disgruntled employees about high self-invested personal pensions returns.

On the contrary, they will receive little to no return on their investments. In fact, the FCA does not regulated all fund activity.

If you weren’t aware your fund was an unregulated collective investment scheme (UCIS), then you can make a claim with the Financial Ombudsman Service. However, your first mis-sold pension claim failed. Why did this happen?

Lack of Evidence

Just like any form of submitted financial service complaint, pensions mis-selling claims require substantial evidence.

For this situation, you can show evidences that exhibit several claim-qualifying circumstances such as:

  • Qualification for Employer’s Pension
  • You had an employee’s pension in your current work
  • The SIPP was a UCIS
  • The Financial Adviser did not cite valid investment vehicle data

Useful evidences to support your complaints include the following:

  • Employment contract
  • Receipts for UCIS deposits
  • UCIS Pamphlet

Unavailability of Financial Adviser

Some claims fail because certain UCIS disengage their connection with your financial adviser. In fact, some will purge the adviser’s data in exchange for forfeited commissions. If you have no evidences, the FOS may regard your complaint as weak in argument without the statement of financial advisers.

The financial adviser’s statement will help support your claim with a little legal backing. This additional boost with improve your chances of making your claim successful even with only a few evidences.

Improperly Filled Forms

If you failed to fill in your forms correctly, you may have missed your chance of gaining compensation. Form-filling seems like a trivial matter. However, with poor provision of information, you lead the Financial Ombudsman in the wrong logical direction. As a result, they will brand your claim as lacking in detail or evidence.

You can ask third-party help to improve your form fill-out. Most of these services provide free consultation.

Missing Collective Investment Scheme

Even if you have a detailed, evidence-baked complaint, if the collective investment scheme is non-existent, then it will be difficult to prove they mis-sold your pensions.

The financial adviser may point out the existence of the UCIS during a certain period. However, because they must compensate you, their absence does not guarantee your money will return.

Therefore, you may need legal anti-money laundering support to file a case against the UCIS and its creators to claim justice instead of compensation.